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The Meaning and Value of Silence in Christian Living an Apologetic Critique
In Jesus name,
Bishop Alcuin

An Introduction

Around 1989 I was first introduced to Abbot Fr. David Tomlins essay The Meaning and Value of Silence in Christian Living. The essay was placed within my hands by a local Benedictine priest residing at Prince of Peace Abbey in Oceanside CA. USA. The article was presented for those seeking to become members of the Abbey as Oblates. At that time I was seeking God’s direction within my life as it pertained to a monastic vocation. The Benedictine priest at that time was assisting me as my spiritual director.

David Tomlins article, The Meaning and Value of Silence in Christian Living, has introduced many questionable key elements mixing Biblical Theology with Eastern thought and mysticism. Abbot Fr. Tomlins states: “The word proceeding from silence has become our means of access to reality, to the rights of the mystery of God.” This written assertion may appear to suggest that there was only silence within the Godhead.

The purpose for this apologetic response is to a critique Abbot Fr Tomlins article The Meaning and Value of Silence in Christian Living because while he shows a wide range of knowledge using references and quotations of an evolutionist naturalist and a Nobel Prize Laureate along with several quotations from epistles of the early Church fathers, Holy Scripture Orthodoxy teaching representation appears to be absent on the subject he represents.

This critique was originally written and mailed in 1990 to Fr. Tomlins at the monastery address listed at the end of his essay. As of September 2010 I have yet to hear f rom Abbott Fr. Tomlins.

He lists his address as Tarrawarra Abbey, Yara Glen, Vic 3775 Australia

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