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An Accident That Could Have Been Prevented

Broadcasted @ 4:00 p.m. daily on the radio channel 99.5 FM, KKLA in Los Angeles, CA the Frank Pastore Show is heard by the Christian faithful as well as the non Christian curious and skeptics alike. Listening in on Mr. Pastore’s radio program following the vehicle fatality involving Mr. Christopher Laurie, I was hoping to learn more about the tragic events that lead to and in relationship to, Mr. Laurie’s traffic accident. Up to that point in time I was only up to date by another Christian acquaintance that Pastor Greg Laurie’s son, Christopher was killed while driving in his vehicle on the 91 freeway.

The single lasting impression left upon my mind from Mr. Pastore’s coverage of the Laurie tragedy, was the statement Mr. Pastore made re the reporting by news researcher Michael Doss and staff writer Michael Mello who both respectfully contributed to documenting Christopher Laurie’s driving record that was published within the Orange County Register Newspaper. “I am highly offended that the Orange County Register published Christopher’s Laurie’s DMV driving record.”

I have been reading newspapers for forty plus years. Frankly, I can not currently recall being aware of any newspaper that I am familiar ever publishing the private DMV driving record of anyone that has been in a fatal car crash. Wait a minute. I just had an “aha effect” as my University Psychology Professor called this event when a thought just pops into one’s mind. When someone is arrested is it not common practice to have the arrestee in question police arrest record occasional reported on. I recall now, yes. Therefore now that I am rethinking my position, it may be common so why not share with the public the truth of Christopher Laurie’s DMV driving record.

Mr. Pastore, you may state publicly over your radio show that you are offended however permit me to say sir, that the part of your being that has experienced being offended should take under advisement being offended at the way Christopher Laurie’s observable behavior manifested itself as it pertained to his driving.

July 15, 2002: Failure to register vehicle; dismissed
Aug. 26, 2002: Failure to appear; pleaded guilty Sept. 11, 2002: Fail to register vehicle; bail forfeiture
Nov. 3, 2002: Mandatory use of seat belts required; bail forfeiture
Aug. 16, 2003: Driving without a license – motorcycle, no proof; bail forfeiture
Aug. 16, 2003: Failure to stop at stop sign; bail forfeiture
Nov. 21, 2003: Unsafe speed for prevailing conditions; bail forfeiture
May 15, 2004: Fail to register vehicle; dismissed – proof of correction
May 15, 2004: Driving without a valid license, no proof; dismissed – proof of correction
Oct. 3, 2004: Exceeding maximum speed of 65 mph; bail forfeited – traffic school not completed
Dec. 30, 2004: Unsafe speed for prevailing conditions; bail forfeited – traffic school not completed
Dec. 30, 2004: Failure to provide proof of financial responsibility; dismissed – proof of correction
Feb. 25, 2005: Unsafe speed for prevailing conditions; pleaded guilty
May 4, 2005: Failure to obey posted sign for preferential lanes; bail forfeiture
March 26, 2006: Exceeding maximum speed of 65 mph; pleaded guilty
Feb. 12, 2007: Exceeding maximum speed of 65 mph; dismissed – traffic school
Aug. 1, 2007: Failure to obey posted sign for preferential lanes; pleaded guilty

Oct. 23, 2006: Speed greater than 65 mph; convicted

Now dead, involved in a traffic collision while driving on the 91 freeway in the carpool lane alone and without a passenger.

As reported, Mr. Laurie was the thirty-three years old, married having two children. He was an active member in the Harvest Church ministry working in the Art Department as reported by the newspaper account and therefore was under the eyeful watch of his father, Senior Pastor Greg Laurie. Tell me that he was able to keep his DMV driving record a secret from his parents, family and friends.

I must confess my bias because I too had a Christian boss with similar risky behavior as it pertained to driving. Like Mr. Laurie, he was killed also in a traffic collision. I have also been to several other pointless funerals of family friends and neighbors. Had someone just intervened on behalf of a pattern that was inevitable leading to a fall would these people’s lives be with us today?

As I read again through Christopher Laurie’s DMV driving record I have come now to appreciate the contribution of Mr. Doss and Mr. Mello and the Orange County Register’s powers that be to have in fact published the accurate DMV driving record of Christopher Laurie. I pray that other Christians, young people and old alike, consider their own driving habits and slow down following proper driving protocol.

The saying live fast and die young leaving a handsome corps is not found anywhere in Holy Scripture and should not ever be considered appropriate as an epithet on any Christian’s tombstone.

I’m sorry you were offended Mr. Pastore. However sharing the subject of this blog with a friend I must add something here. He added maybe someone did attempt to intervene adding, “Do you know what American’s favorite sport is? It is jumping to conclusions!” I stand corrected. Perhaps, there was an attempted intervention which I am not aware. In any case, it is a sincere misfortunate case of circumstances by any means and my sympathy to the Laurie family not withstanding is publicly expressed here.

In Jesus name,

Brother Richard, MS Ed
Brother Richard, MS Ed

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